Merle Dellinger GTM Transport

About GTM Transport

To provide a little history of how this came about, at 19 years old I was offered a position as a Claims investigator at Thurston Motor lines . I worked there for 8 years until they were sold and that’s when I went into the Intermodal business . From day one, I realized that my career would remain in transportation. What I understood about it was that every day in this business was different and I realized I would never be bored and what I came to understand was I was never satisfied or comfortable with what I was doing but wanted to learn everything I could and to constantly be challenged and hopefully climb that corporate ladder someday, and that wish came true in 1991. I was hired as Terminal Manager for Sea Lane Express Inc. Sea lane Express was started in 1979 by Guy Mazarin of Great Neck Ny,  and in my opinion was the absolute best company to ever exist in this business until he finally retired and sold it in 2011. During my 23 years at Sea Lane Express and having such an absolute great mentor in Mr. Mazarin , I went from Terminal Manager to Regional Manager to Vice President . I will forever be grateful for everything he taught me because he made me realized if you want something bad enough and have the determination and drive and work ethic and willing to put in the time and effort  you can accomplish anything you set your mind to and with that training and support I realized I wanted to open my own agency and be my own boss and to be successful at doing what I love and I also wanted to be able to leave something behind for  my family and that’s why all employees in my office are family whom have years of transportation experience . With that being said, we have the best owner operators a company could ask for. They are all very dedicated and go beyond the call of duty and in our opinion, we consider them family as well.  When I opened GTM, I looked and looked and tried to find a company that had the same values as Sea Lane Express. I was looking for a premier company with years of excellent service who treated their agents and their drivers fairly and who had the same qualities and values that I was used to.  I didn’t just want to be an agent but to become part of their family.   That’s when I met with PFQ Carriers and became an agent for Falcon Transport Inc. To this day it was the best decision I ever made, and I’m very blessed to be a part of the team.  In closing, I would like to thank everyone, especially my loyal customer base for making my agency a success and making my dream come true.  I would also like to thank my Dad, who instilled in me a work ethic like no other and told me to always work hard, give it your best and to never give up no matter what obstacles may come your way.  He always said, just believe in yourself and your ability and if you do that, nothing will ever be impossible.